Best travelling apps

Being in a different country can sometimes be scary and confusing. Here is a list of my favorites app, to make travelling a little easier.

Toilet Finder

Ever been on the go and needing to go? Well toilet finder can help with that.

Toilet Finder has the biggest database in the word of public toilets. Not only will it show you where they are, but it will also show you relevant information like, is it paid? Is it handicap accessible? Does it have good rating? etc.


If you ever are in a country with no data, or bad coverage, MAPS.ME can help you.

MAPS.ME allows you to download detailed maps of countries and cities ahead of time, which allows you to save on mobile data. Even without a sim card you can use MAPS.ME as GPS is FREE.


Flightradar24 is a live map of airplanes, it gets its information from their transponders.

This can be really helpful if your sitting at the airport, and are waiting for you delayed flight. Knowing if the airplane is about to land, or still hours is always nice to know.

Your airlines app

Many airlines offer an app which can make your airport experience way easier.

Most of the time the apps have up to date flight information, check-in through the app, boarding pass in the app, booking of flights, and many more features.


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